Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We've just been to see March of the Pengu (well, that's what the tickets said) as a impulsive "get out of the village" attempt. 'Twas good, and the pengu were fat and fluffy. In other news, I've been playing, watching and umpiring netball for much of the afternoon - my repuation as a non-sports person is in jeopardy.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Although I'm refusing to have a hen night with L-plates, fake veils, and other such general tat, I do fancy doing something different. Maybe here for the beer festival on May 6th? Had better try and consult my diary...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tonight's dinner was one of the those "see what's in the fridge and cook it all" meals. We had mashed butternut squash, tomato/mozorella salad, and stuffed peppers. I used cous cous to do the actual stuffing, along with some finely chopped chillies that I had in the freezer. To say that it had a strong kick is a little bit of an understatement. Even guzzling milk and walking round with my mouth wide open was not enough to cool my tongue, and my lips are still tingling now. Damn, 'twas good.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yesterday was a day of strange coincidences. After teaching in the morning, Rob and I headed into Derby to pick up a few things from the shops (suits, rings, and the like). As we walked from the carpark into town, I spotted someone who was at university at the same time as me, who I've not spoken to since about 1999. She hasn't changed at all. Later on, we were having a cheeky pint (or four) in the pub with a couple of people, and I discovered that one of them used to work with the father of someone I knew from county youth orchestra. It's a small world.

Much to today has been spent sleeping and digging, in that order, and the plan for the rest of the day hinges on geeking, marking and cooking, probably also in that order. Life doesn't get more exciting. Mebbe.

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Cat's having a manic moment, and is batting her jingly plastic ball around the sitting room like an advert for feline speed. However, just now she ran across the room, jumped on the ball and it got lost under the fat of her stomach. To say that she looked bemused by the ball's disappearence is an understatement. What have you lost under your fat bits today?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bad news: have lost my diary, even though it's a very bright colour so I don't lose it. This means I have no clue what's happening this evening, let alone next month.

Good news: I found this on the b3ta.com newsletter and it made me chortle like a lunatic on laughing gas. Tee hee.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rob came home from Fight Club last night with three brace of pheasant. (I think there should be at least one s in that sentence to indicate plurals but I'm not entirely sure where it should go, so in the style of my kids when they're clueless, I'm just going to leave it out). The birds are lovely, but still well-endowed in the feather department. There's a lot of plucking to be done, and I suspect that the bathroom will look like we've been murdering feather pillows by the time we're finished, but until that time, we all know an appropriate song, don't we children?! Sing along now, or join in when you know the words...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lots going on, in school, at Guides, in the garden, and on the wedding front. We had a meeting with the vicar, where he invited us over for a chat and some gin; and his actual words were "gin - it's the devil's drink" so now I have offical vicar confirmation of what I have suspected for a long time. Given that I'd already dragged him to pub after the staff party and then told him dirty jokes all evening (not that I can remember any of this!) I feel this relationship is working out ok, and he'll be a good man to marry us.

Foodwise, we're trying to eat healthily, although I suspect that the demon drink is undoing all of our good work. Partly this healthy eating is because my December Eating is best described as "starving man offered his first meal in two years" and partly because my mother commented on my waistline when I went to try on my wedding dress. Pish. Does she not realise that's why I've ordered a lace-up dress, so that my ever-changing waistline can be easily accommodated?! Anyhoo, talk of healthy food is prompting me to think of the lasagne that's cooking gently in the oven, wafting garlicky smells through the flat, so I'd best go before I dribble into my laptop.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The holidays have slipped past with scary speed, although there are still a few precious days of freedom remaining. Mind you, they will be spent doing all of the planning and prep that need doing before the start of term, so hardly freedom, but not quite suits'n'boots yet!

The holiday activities consisted of:
plus a few more things that have slipped my mind. All in all, 'twas good. We even bought our own Christmas tree, which is definitely a rite of passage into grown-up-hood-ness.

Now that Christmas is out of the way, the wedding plans can move on again: we sat last night to look at the guest list, realised that we had 170 names on it, and had to do some drastic pruning. It's a real blow, as choosing the sacrificial lambs was damn hard, but a budget is a budget and getting into debt for a single day seems a bit dense. We weren't intending to do 'day' and 'evening' invites, but we've had to fall down that path. Hey ho. It's all an issue of unlimited wants and scarce resources.... damned economics!