Friday, July 30, 2004

Bloody hell. There I was, just lying down to read a couple of chapters before going to sleep, when suddenly I've finished the book, it's 5.20 and it's light outside. Where does the time go?!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sometimes IM can be a dangerous thing, but at times the misunderstandings can be quite amusing!:

Fred*: i've been a naughty boy... will i get the wooden spoon?
Mad: oooh yes...
Mad: what a good idea :)
Fred: Woohoo!
Mad: we could bake a cake then! :)
Mad: ah
Fred: D'oh!
Mad: that's not what you were think of, is it?! ;-)
Fred: Er, in a word: No

* Names changed to protect the innocent.

To Auntie Charl, for her vote of confidence regarding my stamina levels, thank you. I would like to point out though that it was *me* who passed out after our "quiet lunchtime drink" that time at Gilwell, and not you: more evidence of stamina-lacking, methinks! Besides, stop reading Planet Mad and get on with some dissertating!


mummy mad

No, NO and thrice NOOO! Auntie Mad, yes; mummy mad is just frightening though. I'm fine with kids so long as I can hand them back when they get whingy.

How do I get into blogging?

Mua-ha-ha!! You ask me?!? :-) Although I suspect that there are many way, it's easy to go to blogger, sign up, choose a template and start. Also having a friendly geek on hand to rescue your blog when it all goes tits-up is always useful.

Today was a day for sheepies, piggies, birdies, train rides, ice-creams and races in the garden. It's not even half past seven and I'm worn out: I officially have no stamina!

Monday, July 26, 2004

The good ship Domesticity sailed on into uncharted waters today with the purchase of a tea-cosy. We're not talking about yer average "stick it on top and Bob's yer uncle" sort of tea-cosy; this is a very swish, it's an all-encompassing quilted affair, with a stretchy bit that holds it in place. Warm tea... mmmmm!!

Yesterday's photo got you thinking:

Loving the photo of the ass wipes - pure genius!

I thought so too! And Si, as ever, provides a wonderfully lateral view on the whole sheebang:

Shrek has a lot to answer for if B&Q are now stocking products supporting Donkey ownership.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

We made it to Italy with no complications, complete with all kids, luggage and instruments; we even managed to bring them all back, apart from an errant bass guitar that decided that it wanted to stay in Pisa. In between the journeys, the week was great: it was hot and sunny every day; the kids behaved; my colleagues proved to be fab company; we visited lots of very exciting places; and played some damn fine music. Although I had perhaps less sleep than is normally required, I've been able to make it up since. We got back late on Wednesday evening, so I spent a couple of days sleeping and tidying in preparation for The Boy Wonder*'s visit.

It's been a haven of domesticity: we've cooked nice healthy food; steam-cleaned the kitchen floor; trundled to B&Q; and slapped a good coat of paint onto the walls in my bathroom. No longer do I have to recoil in horror from shiny, snot-green surfaces that are streaked with purple hair dye. Instead, it's a calm magnolia sort of colour, as is some of the floor, a small area of the bath, and several clumps of my hair. I'm not sure what tomorrow has in store, but I suspect it won't quite be the grown-up-ness of this weekend. After all, I'm already reverting to type: I found this product in B&Q and it amused me greatly.

* As certain of my colleagues refer to my bloke. The bloke in question is concerned that this will lead to you getting the wrong impression of him, and in particular that he will have a lot to live up to if he ever meets you, but I think he frets unnecessarily. Besides, a reputation like that will keep him on his toes!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

It seems to be spam central on the internet at the moment - last time I logged on to collect email, my spam buster eliminated over 2,000 messages; this time there are over 4,000 trying to get downloaded. Bah.

On a more cheery note, the last couple of days have been very laid back, with good company, fine food and a glass or two of nice wine. Tonight we head off to Italy on music tour, although considering the way that the plans for today's rehearsals kept changing, it wouldn't surprise me if we end up in Estonia. It's going to be a magical mystery tour, and I hope to arrive back late next Wednesday. Bon voyage!

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Fatso has the most cool purple bedding in the world ever, I have a clear sitting room floor, most of my clothes are clean: it's been a productive evening. Time to collapse, I think. Zzzzz...

This summer holiday is going to be a restful one, except I've not got to the restful stage yet. Instead, this week has included tents, hills, army barracks, caving, minibuses, A&E, a BBQ for 80, some hair dye and another wedding. Tonight I shall be mostly being domesticated, to try and discover my flat under the remains of my unpacking. Tomorrow I have a Guide thingy then my bloke arrives for a few days before I head off to Italy on music tour. Only after that is it allowed to get restful!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Last night was the leavers' BBQ: all our upper sixth came back to eat burgers and relive some of their funniest school moments. We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. For most of them, the great unknown excitement of university lies ahead - the evening is always a time for reminiscing about their years at school, for settling old scores, for closure. It was good.

Today is the last day of summer term,which always follows the same pattern: lessons until 12.10pm; assembly; lunch; packing; leavers' chapel service; House Supper; leavers' party and fireworks; collapse.

Many of these stages involve food and/or drink; some are quite stressful, whilst others are far more laid back. Before this evening's schmoozing and boozing comes the stress and confusion of going home. We will have to wander the House, checking that packing is being done and signing off rooms when they are completed. Inevitably there will be girls who have not started the arduous task of putting their belongings into trunks and suitcases. There is no doubt that there will be battles over the queue for the hoover and bitter recriminations during the hunt for black bin bags.

This evening, though, will be delightful. The food will be good, there will be wine and port, the cheeses will be smelly, and the talk will be about both the past and future. If the rain holds off, we will stand on the paddock, resplendent in black tie and swishy dresses, waiting for the whizzes and flashes of the fireworks. Rain may force us indoors to the school's main hall, but the atmosphere will be the same: excitement at what lies ahead, tinged with a hint of sadness for what has been. It'll be great.

Tomorrow I leave for D of E expedition at 10.30am, staggering under the weight of my rucksack (which is as yet not packed) and wincing through my hangover. Happy days.