Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lots going on, in school, at Guides, in the garden, and on the wedding front. We had a meeting with the vicar, where he invited us over for a chat and some gin; and his actual words were "gin - it's the devil's drink" so now I have offical vicar confirmation of what I have suspected for a long time. Given that I'd already dragged him to pub after the staff party and then told him dirty jokes all evening (not that I can remember any of this!) I feel this relationship is working out ok, and he'll be a good man to marry us.

Foodwise, we're trying to eat healthily, although I suspect that the demon drink is undoing all of our good work. Partly this healthy eating is because my December Eating is best described as "starving man offered his first meal in two years" and partly because my mother commented on my waistline when I went to try on my wedding dress. Pish. Does she not realise that's why I've ordered a lace-up dress, so that my ever-changing waistline can be easily accommodated?! Anyhoo, talk of healthy food is prompting me to think of the lasagne that's cooking gently in the oven, wafting garlicky smells through the flat, so I'd best go before I dribble into my laptop.

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