Monday, June 13, 2005

The village seems to have been hit by an ice age. Everywhere is full of shivering children, desperate to take advantage of the summer 'no-tie' uniform but paying the price of hypothermia instead. I'd like to say that the weather was better over the weekend but - apart from a brief excursion to Tesco, and an enforced march to chapel - I didn't really make it outside at all.

Partly this was due to the presence of the Boy Rob, lots of food and some cookery books. My lack of adventure was also linked to a weekend on duty in the House, looking after wee girlies who spent much of their time gazing manically into space jibbering about impending exams. The UK's assessment system is a joke.

Today was the start of A2 teaching for those lower sixth who have finished their exams. Getting them motivated was easier than I'd expected, although I overheard a colleague explaining in no uncertain terms why we teach now instead of letting them slacken off. He reduced it to money terms, which was a bit of a shocker: I'd not thought of it it in that way before. A new day, a new perspective.

Tonight is a committee meeting for the organisation who run the Guide hall - it's bound to be long, boring and I am guaranteed to upset people with the questions I'm oging to ask. Hey ho, c'est la vie.

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