Thursday, May 12, 2005

I taught one of my dyslexing lessons today and we were discussing k sound at the end of words: is it '-ck' or '-ke' or even 'c'? We'd worked out the rules and I had a card with each ending. I'd say a word and she would have to point to the appropriate card. It was all going great guns until I got to the 'uck' family. I didn't say it, but we both fell about laughing. Good job I wasn't being observed!

Have just have a 20 minute phone chat with a lady moving into the area to take up a job at the school: she's a Guider with 30 years' experience and wants to organise a transfer to the district. It's a good job that we spoke on the phone: had we been face-to-face I'd have bitten her hand off!

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