Sunday, January 06, 2008

January 6th: Foremarke caves

Taken on a Sunday bimble to some local caves. (Sad confession: I love cooling towers)


Emu said...

Planet Mad lives again1 Yeah!

Love the photo-a-day idea. May have to nick it for myself.

Those will be them towers wot are visible from the A50 then?

Mad said...

Indeedy they are.

Photo-a-day is great, although I've found myself spending more and more time thinking "ooh, that would make a good shot", sad loser that I am. Hey ho.

Simon said...

Nice framing there.

Amy said...

I love cooling towers too (although I think we might have talked about that already). That photo will make a good print, I'll have a go a creating if that ok with you?

Aims x

Mad said...

Aims - feel free to play with it as much as you want. Mind you, there are probably much better pictures still to come!