Saturday, October 28, 2006

I have been instructed to write nothing at all about my work on here and - at the risk of being dooced - I have no real alternative but to comply. It's a shame because I love my job and now I'm not allowed to share that, but hey - a job's a job and all that.

Holidays, however, aren't part of work, so I guess I can whitter at length about that. And about chickens. And cats. Maybe children too (not just yet though - my bigger waist is more to do with cakes than anything naughty). In fact I might just rename this "Holidays and other animals".

Or maybe not.


tekkbabe said...

good idea, the whole self restraint thing about work posting (about it and from the office)....this comment from one who just lost a job in an education environment because the boss was threatened by even positive commentary about the state of our school district....go figure!


Tim said...

Boo, hiss.

That makes it all really boring. I know where you work.

I think your work ought to learn from the (great) corporations of the world. At Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and IBM blogging by employees is encouraged.

From the IBM website:

We have been encouraging blogging for quite some time now. And at the last count we have between 12,000 and 14,000 active bloggers in IBM who are active from - can you believe it - about 70 or 73 countries at the last moment. It's actually an international phenomenon at IBM."

If IBM, the worlds biggest computer company, can encourage blogs, then I'm sure that Repton School should have nothing to hide by allowing a staff member to post quite anonymised and amusing stuff.

Tom said...

A sad day for free speech :(