Thursday, April 27, 2006

When I first arrived here at school, there was a really good social aspect to life in the village. At my previous school, staff would get together on a Friday evening for a swift half at the end of a week's teaching; here, work never seemed to end, so we just drank on any old day of the week. This constant frivolity dropped off two years ago, to the detriment of general morale (but to the benefit of our livers, I suppose). This means that life is now boring. Last term we made a concerted effort to revive our social life with the invention of ImbSoc - "Imbibing Society". We meet on a Tuesday and Thursay at 6.00pm (in line with school's alcohol policy, which prohibits drinking before that time) for a quick cup of tea half or two. It makes life seem far more sociable, as we get to talk about things that aren't school related; we get to share all the scandal and gossip; and we get to have a good giggle about things that need laughing at.

It does make Thursday evening on duty quite fun though.

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