Thursday, December 15, 2005

Term finished last night with the Christmas House Supper: an evening of food, booze and schmoozing. Rob got to sit with me and my tutor group, who didn't succeed in embarassing him, and only managed to drop me in it once - it was a good evening, I think, and Rob's still talking to me now, so hopefully that augurs well.

Much of this morning was spent sleeping, in typical "first day of the holidays" style, and since falling out of bed around midday I've cleaned the bathroom and mooched around tidying the flat - I'm just soooo rock and roll! Tomorrow I'm off for a haircut and some shopping. I hope that the holiday gets more exciting as it goes on, or it's going to be a boring few weeks. Harrumph.

Now off to lurk through the Confetti message boards laughing at the bridezillas whinging about their weddings. It keeps me amused, anyway!


Caz said...

Alas lying in is something Dr T does everyday at the moment. Mind you he doesn't seem to have housework fests like you seem to have started, they're left to me.

My sympathies go to Rob as it's really annoying to have you partner still alseep in a darkened room as you depart from work, when you've had to get up early.

I think Dr T has managed to be vertical once this week by the time I walked out the door.

DaveP said...

My Sister is a bit, no, lot of a bridezilla at the moment! stressing about every last fine little detail, even down to who escorts who into,and out of church, and what order people are going through the receiving line, trying to persuade me (and not C) to stay somehwere different on the Friday night. I just can't be bothered with it! I'm sure we didn't stress that much, and it (at least) appears you're not - good for you!