Monday, December 05, 2005

I went to string orchestra this evening, for the first time since February. In fact, it's the first time I've played my viola at all since February. And we were playing Bartok, which had lots of notes, and now my fingers ache.

In other news, I have new wellies for digging, although it was too wet for digging today.


Caz said...

I haven't played a tuba since 6th form (and they're too expensive for you to own your own) ... but time of year was always annoying for me. The Salvation army carol book had a carol which required a 1st & 4th valve low note on the (Contra Double) Bb Bass to give my tuba its full name, which required a thumb and little finger combo due a small handspan ... much amusement to the back row dwellers of the band (particularly my Bb partner). Arrh the beloved Yamaha ... but then changed back to a 3+1 combo tuba ... much easier.

Andy said...

I think that you'd find a spade to be far more effective when digging than wellies.