Monday, November 07, 2005

Things have been busy here, so alopogies to Charl who has been trying to avoid writing essays but has had no new bloggage to distract her. The last week has consisted of school, marking, socialising, co-cooking a mighty fine roast lunch, and discovering ebay.

I've lurked through ebay occasionally, but have never picked up the nerve to hit the Bid Now button. The impending nuptuals (tee hee!) have, however, necessitated a bit of camera-buying-goodness. There were a few moments of nail-biting worry as I faffed about with bank verification, but the sale went through without a hitch and the camera arrived yesterday afternoon. I speed-read the manual last night and took about a bazillion pictures of My Cat to try out the different functions. It was all hampered a bit by not knowing what an aperture was, and having no clue about shutter speeds, but a quick session this afternoon with one of the art teachers has helped a lot. The cat, however, keeps running away when I get the camera out, so I think I'd best find a new subject. Luckily Rob's home from work soon.

The worst thing about buying the camera is that I am now hooked on ebay which is BAD and they take the money straight out my bank account which is BAD but there's all sorts of random things for sale which is GOOD and I've already bought a new jug that matches our plates which is GOOD. Overall, the goods and bads seem to balance themselves out, so I won't stop using it just yet. As an economist might say, I'm indifferent, but since when has indifference stopped something so pleasurable? After all, I nearly bought an aga over the weekend, and was outbid at the last minute today on a Sultans of Ping CD.... who knows what crap I might have accumulated by the time I get hitched?!


Tom said...

What camera is it?

Rob said...

I suspect you will have accumulated a big pile of credit card statements

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Distracted!