Sunday, October 09, 2005

There is little better than the moment when, after an intense weekend away doing Guidey things, you are greeted by a man, some cats, a shower and a roast duck, all of which appear glad to see you.* The weekend was an INTOPS event, which is about the international opportunities within Guiding, ranging from international camps in the UK to being WAGGGS representative at global seminars. Some of the weekend was devised to allow selection for GOLD (Guiding Overseas Linked to Development) and the activities were fun but tiring, particularly the [censored] and the [censored]. I wasn't too keen on the [censored] but overall it was great: it's what I needed to fight off the blue-knickered cynicism that was creeping in around the edges. There are GOLD projects going to a few exotic places next summer, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed - after all, if I'm saving for a wedding and a house then an expensive overseas trip is just what the doctor ordered! On the other hand, I already have SAGGA camp in Sweden, a Guide camp by the seaside, and service crew at a UK camp to look forward to if I'm not selected, so I'm not going to be too gutted if it doesn't work out.

I suspect that this has become a stream of consciousness post which - with my braincell in its addled state - is becoming increasing difficult to follow. I think I'd better just stop

* Well, the duck didn't look too chuffed, but it was well and truly stuffed by that point anyway, so didn't have much say in the matter.

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Caz said...

The first rule of GOLD intops is that nobody talks about GOLD intops.
Glad you found it a refreshing experience, I'm just feeling old as this year is the last year of the Bangladesh project, which I went on the first year of.