Monday, October 24, 2005

After a lovely week spent eating my way around England, I'm now back home and appreciating having broadband access again. Geek, moi?!

It was great to get away last week: Rob has written about it at great length, so this is the picture book version. On Saturday I tried on wedding dresses with Wendy and Amy, who both have far better dress sense than me, so were eminently qualified to accompany me. I like to think that we brightened the shop assistant's day. Pictures of this bit of the holiday are banned, so readers aren't put into therapy by pictures of me in a dress. (Actually it's because of copyright, but that's far too mundane a reason).

On Sunday, we did some walking in the Cotswolds...

...on a pile of logs... a lake...

...and then watched a film about a rabbit, and heard a man talk about some food. Top day.

We went down south on Monday to eat stay with Rob's mum. We ate lots. We went to the sea
(Rob complained that I cut the top of his head off in this photo. I think it's just coz he has a tall head)

From Deepest Darkest Devon we headed up to my parents' house for a few days, where the Mad's-Mother-Cutting-And-Sticking-Machine went full speed ahead making wedding invitations:
This picture shows that the the invites are being made VERY VERY quickly.

The first 50 to be finished. Rock and roll.

And now I've got a week at home, pottering about and generally doing all the things I should have been doing all term instead of planning a wedding, along with reading this with baited breath. Blimey.

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ed said...

Why were you considering eating Rob's mum? I mean...