Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We've had the cats for something like 16 days. I can't remember life without them. What was it like to wake up without loud licking filling the room, or to have breakfast without having to deal with cat poo first? And what did we do without catsnot to laugh at, especially when attached to a catsneeze that leaves the sneezee looking shocked and slightly surprised? They have fitted into life here very easily, and are now bouncing in and out of the windows with consumate ease. We owe the RSPCA a huge favour for letting us take them.

(If you hadn't guessed, I've been drinking and although I could whitter on in a similaar style about my dearly beloved, I'll transfer affection to the cats so you don't throw up on your computer. I'm considerate like that.)

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Fraser said...

The cats that are still nameless? I have a stuffed toy that has similarly resisted naming... I think the nameless puppy is destined to remain so.