Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rob (being the cautious, sensible one in this relationship) has suggested restraint and control, by waiting to actually get the cats before trying to name them. I, on the other hand, am impetuous and impatient and lots of other things beginning with 'imp' and couldn't resist thinking about suitable pairs of names. The following list is a fair reflection of the warped suggestions spewing from my braincell, and is probably more evidence in the growing list of 'reasons why I shouldn't be allowed to have children'.

Dog and Mouse
Puddy and Tat
Hugh and Jamie (and Fatso could become Queen Delia)
Fearnley and Whittingstall
Eric and Ernie
Gonorrhea and Herpes (as a tribute to King Lear's daughters, of course)
Pox and Clap
Virus and Trojan
Gig and Meg (Gig being the bigger cat)
Firewire and Bluetooth

...at which point we collapsed into uber-geekiness, and I knew it had to end when 'Universal Serial Bus' was suggested, although - as Rob pointed out - they ARE big enough to be buses. All we need now is a phone-call to confirm that they are actually going to be ours, and my overexuberant excitment will know no bounds. Raaah.


notquiteginger said...

hey my two wer called scamp and pipkin adn there was no way i was going to stand on my doorstep calling that out - they ignore their names anyway so I think you should change em. I love Fearnley and Whittingstall - that gets my vote!!!!

Tom said...

Meg and Mog: Classic.

Fraser said...

The Payne household have been calling their cats after drinks for years. How about chocolate? You could have Green & Blacks, or Fruit & Nut. Or how about Milly &Jess - has a nice ring to it.


Mal said...

Mork and Mindy? One of my aunts had a pair called that. And she had some cats, too.

Alternatively, Bo and Luke? Fred and Wilma? Fry and Bender? Cider and Black? Vodka and Red Bull? Ess and Em? Bacon and Eggs? Maggot and Eggsy?

(He he... *thinks of calling out "Bender" from the doorstep*)

Biscit said...

One of my pet peeves is when someone calls a USB to Ethernet or USB to Bluetooth etc etc adapter a Dongle.

This is an anti-suggestion for the name Dongle. That would be cruel.

Daisy's Mate said...

I liked Puddy & Tat until I read the suggestion Fruit & Nut - that's very cool. Alternatively, Ovaltine & Horlicks if this getting pets malarky is a start of you growing up!