Saturday, June 18, 2005

Last night's Guide meeting was one of the most productive yet relaxed meetings we've had in a long while. They started with the annual review - what have you enjoyed most this year? how can your patrol work even better next year? - and then we hand painted a giant buddy for Send My Friend. This left us with a good 45 minutes in which to play water games that - whoops! - turned into a full-blown water fight. We didn't see that one coming at all, yer honour! The best moment was when our unit helper (a recently recruited mum who's never been a leader before) grabbed a bucket and tipped it straight over my assistant Guider's head. Chortle? You bet!!

After a quick rush home and a change out of slightly damp uniform, it was off to a party where there was wine, melt-in-the-mouth cake and good friends. Sadly it was cut short by the need to be on late-night duty, but it was nice to get out. Now, though, I'm knackered. Thank goodness sixth-formers can be understanding about Saturday morning bleariness.

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