Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm in shock. We had a meeting today with all of our Year 10 kids (4th years in real money, or A-block in our idiosyncratic nomenclature) to discuss their options for Wednesday afternoons next year. They have to do something, whether it's CCF, adventurous activities, or D of E silver. I did a small whitter about the award, the CCF man talked about the other options, and then they filled in their provisional choices on a sheet. D of E was first choice for 55 of them. FIFTY FIVE!!!! We have 31 kids this year, and that's the biggest the group's ever been; we've obviously made it too attractive. Pish. How on earth do you run expeditions for 55 participants at a time? I know for a fact that we've not got that many cookers, let alone tents. And what about administering it all - there will be forms falling out of my ears. Waaah! This job has just got interesting.

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