Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Good: finished report writing for the term.
Bad: trying to entertain kids who have just 3 days of term left and no real incentive to do anything
Good: Knowing that this time on Saturday I'll be off on Duke of Edinburgh expedition
Bad: realising that I've lost the entire roll of maps for the area. That's 16 maps. And we're meant to be using them to walk with. The only word for this situation rymes with 'rollocks'. If you spot a set of sheet 98 1:50,000 OS maps then please send them my way. Waaah.


Caz said...

I'm sure Dr T can help with some of his GIS giggery pokery.

Tom said...

You don't want to walk with a 1:50,000. 1:25,000 are *far* more useful. Maybe that should be lesson number 1.

Mad said...

I fully agree that 1:25,000 are much more useful and desirable, but we are constrained by a) an existing (free) supply of 1:50K maps; b) a limited budget for buying new maps; and c) a three day walk that covers two 1:25K maps but fits neatly onto one 1:50K map. I've got the kids onto 1:25K maps for two out of three expeditions this year: I can't stretch the budget to another one.