Friday, May 20, 2005

It's hot out here - the hotness-measurer in the Boringmobile was pusing 19 degrees C, which is really quite warm. What's made today even more warm, if not downright uncomfortably sticky, was the necessity of running everywhere to get D of E paperwork finished in time. That photocopier and I had something special going on during lesson four, I can tell you. Mind you, I don't think it can cook, so The Boy Rob's position as Man#1 is safe.

In other news, I've had confirmation of my place at INTOPS, which is the first stage for selection for a GOLD trip - Guiding overseas linked to development. This means that they were able to read my four-page scrawl of an application form, which is a wonder in itself. All I need to do now is practice not being a bossy cow in a teamwork situation; I've got unitl October to get it right, so there's a reasonable chance. At least it gets me a weekend off school! (Am I doing this for the right reasons, I ask myself!)

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Caz said...

All the best people are GOLDies (I speak as one myself). We do get everywhere! Last night two random Guiders wait in the queue to get in and both are GOLDies in the same room!!!

Good luck in joining the GOLDie club. I have sadly passed out the age bracket recently :(. GOLD Bangladesh 2000 was great fun! (hmm sulks at being too old for GOLD!)